What is IoB?

What is IoB?

In order to achieve Moonshot Goal 1, “Realization of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050.” we aim to develop and disseminate technologies that enable anyone to freely expand their physical and cognitive abilities by using cybernetic avatars (CAs).

We are proceeding with our research and development project, “Liberation from Biological Limitations via Physical, Cognitive and Perceptual Augmentation“.

The ultimate goal of this project is to realize the “Internet of Brains (IoB)”, where the brain is connected to the Internet using brain-machine interface (BMI) technology, and can freely control CAs in cyber-physical space, where cyberspace and real space are fused together, and directly communicate with other humans and AI.

To achieve this goal, we will gradually improve BMI technology, which is currently at a relatively basic research stage, to a practical level, by combining it with AI technology, which is making remarkable progress.

We will also address the many ethical, legal, social, and economic issues that are expected to arise when such technology is introduced into society, and we will provide guidelines for its use while working proactively to implement technology suitable for practical use in society.
Through this project, we hope not only to create many new technologies, but also to generate economic effects through industrialization.

In addition, we hope that these effects will spill over to related basic research and provide feedback, leading to the development of a “new science” that circulates between the economy and basic research.



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