Development of Fundamental Technologies



The goal of Development of Fundamental Technologies is to develop fundamental technologies related to this project as a whole, and to explore new technologies that have not yet been put to practical use. Specifically, we plan to explore new technologies for inputting information into the brain.

We also plan to study specific measures to implement the results of this project in society, and to prepare opportunities for the public to experience brain-machine interface (BMI) technology. Through these efforts, we will promote acceptance and demand for BMI technology in society, and develop beneficial societal and industrial applications of BMI.


  • KANAI Ryota,Ph.D.

    Chief Executive Officer
    Araya Inc.

    In this project, we will conduct a bird’s-eye view of the input interface technology for transmitting detailed information to the brain, make it available for other research teams, and promote the use of BMI in society. This will be done by identifying technologies that have potential as information input technologies for future BMIs, set them as new research topics, and accelerate the development of practical BMIs in this project.

  • KOMAMURA Keigo,Ph.D.

    Professor of Law
    The Faculty of Law, Keio University

    My research project is mainly designed to discern whether or not the future developments of IoB technologies such as BMI and Cybernetic Avatars could introduce revolutionary changes to legal studies, other  social sciences, and humanities. If these technologies liberate us from bodily limit, the concept of “person” which is one of the most basic concepts for legal studies Looking to this exciting future, my project will focus on two research goals: First, theoretical research. IoB will urge us to rethink (or replace) fundamental premises of legal studies and other disciplines and to establish a new grand theory for law, social sciences, and humanities. Second, experiments for social implementation of IoB. Considering how to deal with legal or institutional obstacles before IoB is introduced to our real life is needed.