Oct. 30, 2023

The Science Communication Project 'Neu World' that Creates the Future from Stories: Official Website Launched & Release of the First Manga Work.

The Cabinet Office’s Moonshot Research and Development Program, Goal 1 Kanai Project “Internet of Brains (IoB)” has launched the communication project “Neu World”. This project was born to collaboratively build with everyone, through dialogue, how the IoB research and development initiatives can connect with society in the future.
The research of IoB aims to propose new ways of life that overcome societal challenges by harnessing the brain and AI. Through “Neu World”, we collaborate with creators, researchers, and everyone in society to produce stories in the form of manga, novels, and more, providing a platform to co-create a new future. Today, the official website featuring “Neu World” works, related articles and event information has been launched.

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■A future where memories can be directly conveyed from the brain… The release of the first work, ‘.raw (dot raw)’.

Coinciding with the official website launch, we are releasing the manga ‘.raw (dot raw)’ by the manga artist Ququ as the inaugural work of “Neu World”. This work is themed around the research of Dr. Shuntarou Sasai, the sub-project manager of IoB and a neuroscientist. Drawing inspiration from communications with participants in a talk event on March 17th of this year, the work depicts a setting in the year 2050, where Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI) have become commonplace. The works produced in this project exist to converse with society about the potential realities of the future and are not projections of the future the project specifically aims for. We encourage you to share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #NeuWorld. Your opinions will be reflected in future research and its subsequent societal implementation.

Manga Artist Ququ
Began posting manga on the web in December 2018. In May 2020, published the short story collection “死んだ彼氏の脳味噌” (translated as “The Brain of My Deceased Boyfriend”) through KADOKAWA. One of the stories from this collection was adapted into a live-action drama on Fuji TV’s “世にも奇妙な物語” (translated as “Tales of the Unusual”) in November 2022.

Neuroscientist Dr. Shuntarou Sasai
IoB Sub-Project Manager. He is the CRO and Head of Research and Development at ARAYA, Inc. Aiming for the societal implementation of “Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) that connects minds” using consciousness theory, he is advancing foundational research in the convergence of neuroscience and AI, and the development of new neurotech products based on those findings.

■Comment from IoB Project Manager Ryota Kanai
I believe that the future aimed at by the Moonshot Research and Development Projects, not just limited to IoB, should be decided through dialogues with everyone living in society, not just researchers. ‘Neu World’ is expected to be the first step in this dialogue, making it easy for people without specialized knowledge in science to express opinions based on their values. Furthermore, many of us researchers have been inspired by science fiction works to pursue our studies. Now, we would be delighted if our latest research becomes a source of inspiration for a diverse group of people, including authors.

Ryota Kanai
Representative Director of ARAYA Inc., Project Manager for the Japan Science and Technology Agency’s Moonshot Research and Development Initiative “Internet of Brains.” Engaged in research to understand the principles behind the emergence of consciousness in the brain and the implementation of consciousness in AI through the convergence of neuroscience and information theory. Simultaneously, he works towards the practical application of AI and neuroscience in the industrial sector.

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