July 20, 2023

【Held from Nov. 17-20, 2023】Solving Open Problems in Neuroscience with Mathematicians! @Nagano (Open call for unsolved problems is ongoing!)

The Moonshot Research and Development Program, Target 1 Kanai Project Internet of Brains has decided to hold the workshop “Solving Open Problems in Neuroscience with Mathematicians!” that was held last year, again this year. This workshop aims to advance neuroscience by encouraging collaboration with mathematical sciences and solving open problems in neuroscience. In recent years, the experimental methods in neuroscience have made remarkable progress, and the high-dimensionality and multi-domain nature of the resulting data is accelerating. Utilizing these data characteristics not only enables a deeper understanding of the information structure and computational theory of the nervous system but also brings innovations to applied technologies such as BMI (Brain Machine Interface). To promote this, we aim to create a co-creation space by sharing problems and data in various fields of neuroscience with experts in mathematical sciences and to solve open problems in neuroscience through collaboration with mathematical sciences.
The call for participants is scheduled to start on September 1, 2023, but we are currently inviting people to propose this year’s unsolved problems ahead of the application. Upon review, those whose unsolved problems are selected for this workshop will be covered for accommodation, transportation, and other expenses and invited to the conference. Furthermore, this workshop aims to solve problems from diverse perspectives based on a wide range of insights.
We are looking forward to participation from people from various positions! We welcome active applications from young researchers and female researchers!!!

Please refer to the following website for details.