July 06, 2023

【Scheduled for July 31, 2023】 Neuro2023 Satellite Event "Neuroscience of X-Communication" to be Held

In Moonshot Research Goal 1, we are progressing with the development of X-Communication as a new method of intention transmission using the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). In this project, we aim for direct information transmission between brains by applying AI technology to invasive brain signals to decipher brain information, and developing technology to input data to the brain. However, to realize X-Communication, there are many neuroscientific challenges in deciphering and input of brain information. This satellite event aims to share the latest insights essential for the realization of X-Communication, such as language BCI using invasive technology, brain information input, and brain information decoding using AI, and identifying the challenges in neuroscience. It will be held as a satellite event of Neuro2023.

Date and time: July 31 (Monday) 10:00~17:00 Registration starts at 9:30
Location: Transcity Conference Sendai
For details and registration, please visit the website below.

We look forward to your participation!