Revision History of NeuroTech Guidebook

ver1.3 (2023.6.23)
  • Fixed a bug that gradient images were not displayed with MacOS / iOS / Safari.
  • Corrected GQ4 illustration in response to public comment that the EEG picture is not EEG-like and misleading.
  • Corrected the wording of the “Preface” to response to the release of the evidence book.
ver1.2 (2023.2.14)
  • Translated the entire book into English.
  • Changed preface partially (added that it was originally published in Japanese, and deleted the last paragraph of the Japanese version due to space limitation).
  • Moved Acknowledgements to p26 due to space limitation, which was on p2 in the Japanese version.
  • Added details as Note where Japanese laws and systems are mentioned.
  • Added references, corrected numbers as appropriate, these for due to the above changes.
ver1.1 (2022.10.21)
  • Moved the following three items from the beginning of the guidebook to the end as supplementary information: the process of developing the guidebook, reasons for the selection of External Review Board members, and methods of COI management.
  • Corrected the numbering of references.
  • Added web URL for COI management policy and public comments in annotations.
  • Corrected minor typographical errors.
  • Changed some coloring in the text.
ver1.0 (2022.9.28)
ver0.10 (2022.08.01)
  • A draft released for public comment.