Revision History of NeuroTech Evidencebook

ver1.4 (2024.4.22)
  • Translated the entire book of ver1.3 into English.
  • RQ1 and RQ3: Revisions made during the peer review process of the original paper were reflected in this document.
  • RQ1: The content of the keyword “reaction time” was supplemented.
  • RQ9: The review members found issues in the SR processes during writing of the original paper. These issues were corrected, and some of the contents in this book were also updated.
  • Appendix 3: Changed item (3) under non-serious adverse events that may be caused by the methods investigated in this book.
  • Typographical errors were corrected throughout.
  • References were updated.
ver1.2 (2023.10.3)
  • Translated the entire book of ver1.1 into English
  • To adjust the volume, the contents of “Preface,” “Future Revision Plans,” and “Management of COI” were partially omitted in the English translated version.